Life/Work Planning
Berufsplanung und Stellensuche mit System

Impulstag deutsch/englisch am 30.7.2011 für Doktoranden des Deutschen Krebsforschungszentrums Heidelberg

"I just wanted to tell you that I got a job, started working last week at (...) in (...) just like I wanted, but more, as Post Doc AND lab manager! So Im pretty happy and enthusiastic about this new path. You, your advices and the career workshop were very important to build my choices and Im very thankful for all the input! Finally it was like you said, got it by talking to people, stepping forward, using first my own network. Luckily, didnt need to go too far, had the offer in 1 week of search, so I didnt really put the other steps into practice."



"...durch persönliche Kontakte musste ich bisher noch keine einzige doofe Online-Berwerbungsmaske durchklicken sondern habe immer jemand im Unternehmen der meine Bewerbung unterstützt. Bin mal gespannt wie's weitergeht."



“Thanks to LWP I efficiently found a position that I really like! When applying to advertised positions I was not successful as work experience was always asked for. Following LWP, I told everyone about my plans and was surprised how many people I know who could introduce me to someone. I also started calling people who I simply had seen on web pages or about who I had read somewhere. Even if some of them were really surprised about my call, I always got a positive feedback and detailed answers. Some of them were satisfied with their position and it was interesting to hear why. Even more helpful were the ones who told me about their previous expectations which are not fulfilled today. At the end, someone recommended me to a colleague of his who had a job opening and I was the only applicant for the job I was always aiming at. At that time, I had learned about all the downfalls of this position and I had applied for a different job (which I got right away, since I did not apply through the personnel department, but using my network, contacted the person in charge right away –I had found this person in charge). I declined this research management position and will soon start with my new job. “

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