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Berufsplanung und Stellensuche mit System
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Impulstag in englischer Sprache - for professionals in the fields of Bio-technology, Medicine and Natural Sciences

Finding the right job, where other people don’t even know to look!

With John Webb

Two out of three vacant positions in Germany are never announced in any public forum. These “un-announced” positions constitute the so-called “hidden job market”, and they offer the greatest possibility for finding – and obtaining – a job that really fits. But how do you go about getting a job, that you can’t even really apply for?

This is exactly the focal point of the career planning process Life/Work Planning (L/WP). Instead of waiting for a company to make up its mind about a candidate, the jobhunter carries out a systematic investigation of the relevant parts of the employment market. This is a strategy that works without CV’s, without resumés, without letters of reference, and without cover letters, glossy photos, or endless hours of trying to decipher job ads. 

L/WP was originally developed by the employment researcher R.N. Bolles, and has been in continuous use at American universities since 1971. Bolles’ book  „What Color Is Your Parachute?“  is the most often purchased jobsearch handbook in the world (over 9 million copies, translated into 17 languages).

You can use L/WP to discover concrete skills and interests, and to generate alternatives to your current professional situation. L/WP tools make it possible to execute an empirical investigation of those employers, that are interesting for you, looking specifically for positions that will involve using exactly those skills, that you want to use.


In the course of the Impulse Day, you will:


take part in a series of practical exercises, showing you how the „hidden” job market works

develop a personal overview of the most important structural elements of the  L/WP-process 

try out the L/WP-tools with your own skills and interests. 


Feedbacks from participants of the last Workshop (german and english) July 2011.


Target Group


This offering was developed for professionals, who:

1.   have a background in bio-technology, medicine, or the natural sciences, and


2.   are interested in developing new goals or a new perspective for themselves (for example, post-doc, or close to the end of a time-limited contract, or simply desiring a different professional challenge or situation.

Datum 07.07.2012

Zeit 09:30 - 18:00

DKFZ Heidelberg


€ 150,00

Ermäßigte Gebühr

€ 40,00


Die ermäßigte Seminargebühr gilt ausschließlich für:

- Mitglieder der Biotechnologischen Studenteninitiative (btS) e.V. (mit Nachweis)

- Alumni des DKFZ Heidelberg (mit Nachweis)

Angehörige der HBIGS Heidelberg (mit Nachweis)

-Die ermäßigten Seminarplätze sind begrenzt. 

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Mögliche Zahlungsarten

  • Einzugsermächtigung (zusätzlich 5 % Skonto auf den Seminarpreis bei Angabe der Bankverbindung)
  • Rechnung


John C. Webb

was the first educator to bring L/WP seminars to Germany (1990). In the last 22 years, he has developed and delivered programs for 19 universities in Austria, Switzerland, France, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Today he teaches at the Free University in Berlin, where he also runs the German trainer certification program.


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